poetical utterances

i can justify that: confessions of a north american

It's not like I'm holding a gun to someone's head,
Even my North American self-centredness couldn't justify that.
Standing by while thousands end up dead?
Yeah, sure, I can justify that.

It's not as though I held up a bank or even a corner store.
I wouldn't dare be so brash.
But stealing forty dollar software from a multi-million dollar corporation?
Seriously, they've got tons of flow.

It's not that I'd deny my total depravity
Paul would roll over in his grave
It's just, well, your sin is clearly worse
than the things that hold me captive.

Yeah, I'm a North American
I can rationalize and justify with the best.
You won't even notice; it'll happen before your very eyes
After all, it's not my fault: I'm a North American.