good week / bad week

now playing: baby one more time / punk cover. it's no where near as good as I hoped it would be. it's far too serious. Ah, that's a little better... a punk cover of bad moon rising by creedence. yeah.

Hey guys. Welp, the olympics are on in the background, my dad's ranting at them (if I don't have some weird genetic eccentricities, it'd be a miracle. Actually, no, I wouldn't call it a miracle. Cause I wouldn't want it that way. I'll take all the genetic eccentricities in the world... dad's a riot! Especially when he talks about how he could take all these stinking athletes), and I'm sitting here writing to you guys.

You can go to code's blog to see a quick synopsis of how my week has been. Pretty well like that. Praise God that He opens our eyes to this stuff. It hurts, but it's good. And it's nice to know that there are other people out there going through similar stuff as us. God sure didn't make us to battle it out alone. That just wasn't His intention. That's why we have the church (for more Ecclesiological comments, purchase Derek Webb's House Show cd. It's awesome.

I don't really have anything deep to say, except that... to quote my buddy Cook, now is the time... Make the most of every moment. And don't be afraid to think and plan big, as long as you're loving God first and foremost. Also, keep in mind that most of life is lived in the inbetweens, and it'll be the little stuff that ends up making the most difference: how you raise your kids, how you conduct yourself in the job you hate, the thing you say to the grocery clerk during check out. Don't live life from one "big deal event" to the next; live in the inbetweens.

Cheat commandos. Rock, Rock on.


That's Weird

now playing: zuzu's petals, the dustkickers. what a wicked song. any song that alludes to possibly the greatest christmas movie of all time *has* to rock.

Hey guy! (Yes, that's an intentional "guy"... there's a guy in the office who calls everybody guy, and it cracks me up. Idiosyncrosies as a whole make me laugh though.) It's the weekend! I'm up late! I'm going to sleep in. And I'd like to write something tomorrow, but I don't know what to write about. I guess I have a couple of ideas. Let me share one or two with you (we'll decide whether it's one or two when we get to the end of one -- after all, it is long past midnight).

We just got done watching The Prince and Me with Julia Stiles. I like Julia Stiles a lot, mostly cause she doesn't really seem to be all about the "I need to do ultra-sleazy roles to prove my 'maturity' " thing. I appreciate that. What I don't appreciate is feminism trying to impact the romantic comedy genre. ( *Warning: Spoilers ho!* ) See, toward the end of the most recent Stiles movie I watched, she decided that she couldn't follow her heart; she had to go and do all the things she set out to do before she met the dude.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for planning, and I'm all for not just willy-nilly saying, "It felt right in my heart." On the other hand, this is a movie: it is meant to demonstrate -- in some form or another -- something that touches, somehow, the universality of love. Instead, if you check out the alternate ending especially, it appears that the director's original intention was to have the movie end with them both moving in their separate directions, cause she wanted more than just to be with him. There was no "we," there was "you" and "me." I don't know, I guess i just found it lame.

And now a confession: half way through the above, I almost stopped typing. I didn't because I thought a more interesting point could be drawn out from what I wrote above. Hokey Stink -- have I ever bought into a North American view of romance. "Cast all sensibility aside, throw your plans to the wind, and caution therewith! Love... love is all!" The universality of love? What is love? Is love, like Ravi Zacharias implies, Rebekah crossing the desert and meeting Isaac, marrying the dude, and learning to love him? Is love found one night, as in the Stiles movie, hitting on a cute bartender while slightly inebriated? Why do I buy into the Hollywood crap? You know what's worse? As soon as I condemn myself like this, my mind flits to Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, and the comments Rosie O'Donnell makes: "You don't want to be in love... you want to be in love in a movie."

It is a ridiculous generation that examines themselves and finds that their expectations regarding the utmost of emotional expression are defined by adults playacting on a silver screen. Is romance really what we've come to believe it to be? Is it that shallow thing imbedded so strongly in pop-culture? Let's hope not. Because, unlike those play-actors, real people don't get to wipe off the makeup and go home after a long day. We're stuck with the situations we get ourselves into. And, I doubt if it'd really be all that easy to walk away from being the queen of Denmark.


chick punk and other stuff

Now Playing: Starspin by Downhere, by far the best song on the new CD.

So, it's another wednesday. And, it's more than half over. It drives me nuts how fast days fly by. Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? Cause, he was a boy, and she was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious? The Avril was playing at the office today. She's really actually decent when you compare her with the rest of pop music.

Wow, it was such a super-un-eventful day. I think I'm going to go read, and finish the uneventful day, well, uneventfully. Have a good night guys!


the power of coffee, and the random button

now playing: this road / jars of clay (gurr, if you're out there, and you have my jars dvd... say "what what"... cause we're so ghetto it hurts, bro.)

This blog-post is brought to you at 8:49 am (as in, in the morning?!) post is brought to you in order to state one fact. I believe in the power of coffee. See, I may have planned to sleep til noon, but when those plans changed (not by my will... funny how much of life we don't control), all I needed to get me back in the game was a super big cup of coffee. Now, there is a dear lady whose husband happens to run my favorite Bible College, and she would say that I am yet again becoming an addict to this wonderful substance called coffee. That's not the way I see it anymore. Just like with a car, you have your regular fuel (food, sleep, that stuff)... but every once in a while, your car isn't going to run just right, so you throw something else in there... a little fuel line cleaner, a little octane booster, whatever... know what I mean? And in the case of coffee, well, all I'm saying is there's a definite analogy to be drawn with Nitrous Oxide. Especially if you've watched The Texas Kid react to espresso before.

Thinking back to the above, the little comment where I stated that my waking up at this point in time was not by my will: there's an interesting fact to be drawn out there: in the Realm of theology, there is a drive in some schools of thought to concedede anything in order to be able to protect the idea of a free human will. I'm not going to say that's wrong, I believe in the freewill of man, but I think it's pretty easy to see in everyday events how God's will supersedes that, and how our wills are limited by our sinfulness (or our regeneration). Take the simple analogy of me waking up this morning: did I intend to wake up at 830? Nope. Did the caller to my household intend to wake me up at 830? Nope, they were calling to talk to someone else. However, they were IMPEDING upon my free will. How dare they. I had decided to sleep in! And it's been ruined. They must not love me. They must not be fair.

That's ridiculous. And, while the analogy breaks down, I think you can probably draw some lines to a bigger plane of reality.

Take it a step further. Since I didn't get to bed til 130 last night (this morning, I guess), I was bound to stay in bed til probably 10 or 11. There wasn't any way I was going to wake myself up (just work with me here, it's an analogy). Could I have chosen to? Yes. I could've chosen to set my alarm last night, and woken myself up early, and gone for a run, and been disciplined. Given the choice, I'm always going to choose sleeping in. ALWAYS. I'm bound to. So, someone had to intercede in order to cause me to do otherwise. Should I resent that? When it's enabled me to reclaim my day? Heck no! I should be thankful for the grace shown to me.

That may be the most convoluted analogy on God's Grace that I've ever seen. But, i hope someone out there gets it. I'm gone for now.

ok, ok, in the analogy, sleeping in = sin, my desire to sleep in = my inborn sin nature, and the phone call that woke me up = grace. does that help?


super hero

now playing: beggarman

Now, undoubtedly everyone has a superhero. I've had several throughout my lifetime. But I'm not talking about Spiderman and Batman, I'm talking about the guys you know and love, whose advice is reliable and, sometimes, even the type to come to mind at just the right time to save your butt. For a while, I have to say, my conscience had a South African accent, in honour of PK. Well, recently I had this dream. And in this dream the only thing that saved me from a fate worse than death was the voice of Stevie Y. "Mackay, if you do that, I'll openly call you an idiot." At that point, I jolted awake, and went "wow, what a dumb dream! Steve's my hero." And now, I have proclaimed it before the whole world. Not too many people can save your life in a dream.

So, today, they showed the house we're currently in. Yep, mom and dad's soon-to-be-former landlords are selling the house. Anyway, we left at 130, the showing was supposedly at two. We got back at 330, and they were still here. So we drove around. They later claimed to have shown the house twice. I'm not going to lie to you, I know what was really up. They were sitting around playing the guitars that are around the house. That's totally what I would've done! But, whatever, let them think they fooled us.

Outside of that, just an ordinary day, with thoughts flying through my head. Sometimes, there are situations where I'm just like: Okay Lord, tell me what you want. Now, tell me again. Now, are you sure? JP reminded me this morning: DO NOT TRY TO ADVISE GOD!!!! He yelled it too. Alright, i'm gone folks. peace.

okay, i lied. I'm now editing this about 5 minutes after the initial post... I wanted to add the following, stolen from code's site (see link at side)

Last Cigarette: The other night, in the dream that Stevie Y saved my life in. Crazy, eh? And the smoking wasn't even what was going to kill me.
Last Alcoholic Drink: Funny, no drinks in the dream. Although, I almost needed one to steady my nerves when I woke up.
Last Car Ride: Home from furniture shopping with mom and pop... we even went someplace I'd never been before... beautiful countryside around here.
Last Kiss: Leaving my grandparents house, my nephew caleb was there, and he planted a big one on my cheek.
Last Good Cry: sometime in October. On the phone. With my older brother. Wait... no, Mackay men don't cry. NEVER.
Last Library Book: Something about Philosophy... i had 10 books out for a paper comparing plato and aristotle.
Last book bought: Lets go with books bought in the last month: books 4-7 of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series, Lapsing into a Comma, The Copy Editor's Handbook, Shadow Puppets (O.S. Card), The Book Business, Paris 1919. I think that covers the last month. We could double it by going last two months, but lets not. We'll leave it at the fact that my Chapters privileges are about to be revoked.
Last Book Read: Currently amid Book 6 from W.O.T series (reference above), also reading "I, Isaac Take You, Rebekah" by Ravi, and "Charity and its Fruits" by Edwards. But I'm moving slow on the last two, to my shame.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Gonna be Manchurian Candidate, with my little brother, a week ago tomorrow.
Last Movie Rented: Cheaper by the Dozen... no, I bought that... um... sadly, School of Rock is the last movie I rented. I say sadly because I already owned a copy at the time, my copy was just 110 kms away.
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Shnike. As in: HOKEY SHNIKE, DANNY WAY JUST KILLED THAT JUMP, in the X Games 10 big air competition.
Last Beverage Drank: Pepsi, with my dinner.
Last Food Consumed: Pork Ribbets (processed pork, basically) on a bun.
Last Crush: I think it was orange. Orange crush. or Natalie Portman.
Last Phone Call: My older brother, about an hour ago.
Last TV Show Watched: X games 10 on ABC, Big Air Competition. Mentioned above.
Last Time Showered: this morning, after waking up at around 930.
Last Shoes Worn: loafers. My generation doesn't believe in loafers, but i intend to single handedly bring them back. Loafers rock. And they're comfortable, too!
Last CD Played: Bebo Norman, Myself When I am Real, while cruisin'.
Last Item Bought: Coffee at Tim Hortons. Can't go wrong.
Last Download: Some song by DC Talk, an old school one, so I could learn how to play it... "like it, love it, need it"?
Last Annoyance: This text editor.
Last Disappointment: See above.
Last Soda Drank: "Deja vu." "What'd you say?" "Deja vu... I just had a case of deja vu." "What was it?" "There was this question about the last thing I drank, and then there was this question about the last thing I drank." "Was it the same question?" "Coulda been, I don't know" "They cut the hardline, move!" (from The Matrix.)
Last Thing Written: A song about grace. Which is ultimately what they're all about.
Last Key Used: my house key, or the key of c.
Last Words Spoken: Sorry. I say it all the time, really, but yep, that's the last thing i said out loud. Or maybe it was "Head, turn of Peter, Paul, and Mary." (edit... doh. that'd be "turn off Peter, Paul, and Mary." This correction goes out to piff.) The deaf man is watching Peter, Paul, and Mary. Can you believe it?
Last Sleep: last night... 3 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. I just couldn't sleep til 3.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: A caramel vanilla ice cream bar, coated in chocolate. Pretty darn good, if I may say.
Last Chair Sat In: Argh, this computer chair that is tilted funnily. Makes me feel like I'm slouching funny.
Last Web page Visited: well, there's actually two: www.desiringgod.org, which is a good web site to visit. Go J.P. And, http://ruthcook.blogspot.com/ which is hilarious. We love you Ruth!
could that post have been vaguer or more unclear?

and now I'm really done.


big families

now playing: Cheaper by the Dozen // a movie. watching it with mom and dad. And yes, I bought it. And no, contrary to what the girl at the movie store said, I don't have a crush on hillary duff.

Even when a big family is falling apart on the big (or not so big) screen, I still think that I'd like to have a big family. Even with the numerous challenges it would bring. Definitely I think it'd be worth it. I've never regretted being from a mid-sized family, and I'd imagine a big one would be at least as much fun. Also, as much as people knock the idea of hand-me-downs, the only time I ever looked like I had a semblance of style (unless jeans and a hoody now counts as style) was when i got hand-me-downs from my older brother. (Oh yeah, that does mean that, again contrary to popular belief, a mackay male can have style. Although most of us don't... and I quote "Dad, did a blind person design that shirt?")

Caedmon's Call. New York. September 26th. There's talk... There's rumours... you never know. it is only 226 miles.

Aww, Steve and Bonnie are duking it out... yeah, I imagine there's stress in families - especially if you have 12 kids. Probably more than this movie depicts, even. But, it'd be worth it.

"Nice move, Fedex"... I'm out for now.


thoughts regarding my previous post

Equal to the Fall // Satellite Soul, whom I love.

Hi kids, Mack here. So, I've been thinking. My friend matt the cook is a pretty devious man. I have always known that he was powerful, however, this really takes it up a step. You see, yesterday I posted my rave reviews about the two new Caedmon's Call songs I'd heard. Indeed, I posted my acceptance of them, in spite of their integration of world music of an Eastern Variety. Indeed, it seemed for a while that I would have no problem accepting it. And I am sure that, somewhere in the niagara region, if you listened closely, you would hear maniacal laughter. Okay, more maniacal laughter than normal.

But I've got words for you, The Cook. YOU CAN'T DEFEAT ME THAT QUICK. See, what I realized was, and I know this'll be hard to hear but I'm going to say it anyway, the world really does revolve around me. Caedmon's Call's newest CD is nothing more than an attempt by Matt Cook to suck me into his Eastern world.

Yes folks, he managed to somehow manipulate the members of a rock band to submit to his will. What is more disturbing is the measure of guile used in composing his plan. See, he knew I was partial to south american beats, so he had them work some of those in so I'd be rendered unsuspicious. Oh, but I caught on.

It is obvious that something must be done to stop this menace. And I mean to do whatever it takes. Even down to sniping at him from my blog.

In other, more serious news (yeah yeah, we all love The Cook, I love The Cook, he rocks)... today was, no joke, the perfect day here in Belleville, at least weather wise. It was like a high of 16 degrees, a little overcast-y, just the kind of day I love. The sort of day where you can wear a hoody, and totally get away with it. Hoodie. Hoody. Huh d. Yeah, something like that. Anyway, now it's for a weekend in belleville. Whoo hoo. Here's to fun times. Make the most of the time, peeps. Next time, maybe I'll tell you about my newest super hero. He looks like wayne gretzky, and he even saves me in my dreams. (-: Anyone who guesses before I tell wins a prize.

y eivets s'ti ay ay


New Caedmon?

now playing: Caedmon's Call: Before There Was Time LIVE / from Chronicle. Best hits baby.

Over the years, I've made it a goal to introduce as many people as possible to Caedmon's Call. I'm not going to belabour my point tonight. A new Caedmon's Call record comes out Mid-October (I think it's the twelfth). They went to India, Brazil, and Peru to record the cd with indigenous musicians. It's gonna be an awesome meld of classic folk and world music. Now, those of you who heard about my time living with matt, and the assault of eastern music might be thinking, "AndyMack is going to hate this cd." Well, I've heard a couple of the tracks, including one called Mother India, performed live. And I loved them. I would invite you to watch with me, but the company that had a 2 hour concert on their website (272 kb/s quality, no less) took it down. I presume that the Caedmon fans must've overloaded the server. Bummer. Oh well, suffice it to say, there's a full on Hindi style vocal solo, and it's AWESOME. Alright, that's it for me, for now.
that's never really all, though. It never ends. It's never done.