for your ears


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who's going to come? $10!!! Just 10 bucks. Wahoo... for the past 5 weeks, this has been listed as a private show... now it finally looks like it's open to the public. Holy cow. I'm so excited.

for your brain

The Christian "Movement" seems a lot of times to be best described as pendulum swings... take the works / grace pendulum: the Reformation marks a drastic swing from an over-emphasis on works. But then, some might say that the cheap grace and quasi-universalism the church delves into today is a result of the over-correction of the reformation.

Mark Noll writes a neat little opinion peice about another pendulum that's swinging away (thanks to CT blog).

... swing low, sweet pendulum... coming forth to... wait a minute.


a phenomenal couple of weeks

now playing: video killed the radio star. I'm feeling historic. Drinking hot chocolate too...

Wow. So, what a fantastic couple of weeks. It's just been good, you know? Getting engaged? Yeah, I recommend that. Hanging out with someone fantastic who you also happen to be supremely comfortable around? Yeah, I recommend that. All in all, I'm... well, to quote the great Carter Duryea, "You know I'm psyched."

Anyone else been watching the price of gasoline? Hahaha... Darn it, I'm laughing at my own jokes. Experiencing shock as I drive past the gas pump has become an everyday experience (note, the preceding sentence was brought to you by an extreme desire to use the word
everyday. Otherwise, it would've read "I've gotten used to experiencing shock every day as I drive past the gas pump." But, everyday is so seldomly used properly that I had to do it. YES!). The other night, I was watching TV (which does not cost $1.03 a litre) and saw some news dude (yeah, pretty sure that was his title) driving a car on vegetable oil. And I had to ask myself: "Andrew, do you think this means that there's a renewable resource we can use to run combustion engines on?" Of course, the easy answer was "No, that couldn't be."
Cause if that was true, wouldn't we all be running vehicles on the renewable resource, instead of the non-renewable one that costs an arm and a leg? I think so. Think about how much easier it'd be to drive down the cost of fuel... Plant another corn field! Plant olives... plant nerds... plant something oily. Gosh. So, moral of the story is, I'm investing in corn futures... the market is going to be huge by 2040, I'm sure of it. And, to any of my friends who might work for car dealerships (There didn't used to be any like that, but now there's at least one)... where's my vegetable oil car?
Meanwhile, I gotta go get some gasoline... wow... only 98.3 today!