Now playing: the tail end of brainstew by green day. Speaking of whom, I found a great remix of boulevard of broken dreams and wonderwall by oasis. The songs are fairly identical. It makes me laugh. That's playing now.

So, it's been a little while, eh? Yeah, I guess. A little. Happy father's day to the dads out there. Especially mine. i love you man.

What can I tell you? Matt came down for the weekend, that was pretty darn cool. I miss him a lot, and hope his summer at Elim Lodge is great.

I'm pretty wicked excited right now - Rebecca is coming to visit. Someone (I don't remember who... Matt Cook?) told me that I don't blog about her enough. Rebecca is my (insert favorite relationship word here), and she's from pretty far away (that's the only way I can find anyone to put up with me.) Anyway, she's coming to visit with her parents, and i can't wait. It'll be good to see her and good to hang out.

That's my mini update for now, i guess. Now I can say that I updated my blog. Peace!


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now playing: video killed the radio star / the buggles.

So, for the past 24 hours, I've watched the fallout from the Mac/Intel deal. I'm kind of embarassed—a long time Mac-vocate, I had to be alerted to the deal by my buddy gurr a day after it occured. Sheesh. But, seriously though. In a year, we'll be able to buy macs that run on intel processors (obviously, the term mactel will come into colloquial usage or something). I think I'm excited, except that now the whole
XBox360 and PS3 use PowerPC technology thing is pretty well irrelevant. Still though, the possibilities of Mac on Intel are pretty cool, and I for one say "go for it!" But, I also say "Yeah, i won't be upgrading until I can get a Mac on Intel." Up til recently, I thought a MacMini would be a good idea. But, why do it now when i can wait a year-ish, and get a MacMinIntel? For you non-nerds, this is the equivalent of Superman deciding to accept Robin as his sidekick. It's pretty wild.

In other news, read this article cause it's good (thanks to Adagio County Independent.)

All right, I'm done for now. Go play a guitar or something!