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now playing: Faith My Eyes // derek webb, from the house show album.
But if I must go,
Things, i trust, will be better off without me
And I don't want to know
Cause life is better off a mystery.
And that is why I'll be a Derek Webb fan till the day I die. Deep. Real deep.
I just got off the phone with Luke. Phone calls from old friends can make me feel like I'm alive again. And God plans things. Just when i'm feeling down, my phone rings.  And it's The Texas Kid. I think when we have our own superhero movies, it'll be AndyMack and the Texas Kid. And I want to state that I did try to put The Texas kid first, but it just wouldn't work. No matter how hard I tried. Maybe Texas and the AndyMack Kid. That could work, but I don't think The Texas Kid would settle for just Texas. Heck, I don't think he'll even settle for The Texas Kid.
Anyway, God is faithful, and I just wanted to point that on. Good friends are hard to come by. don't let go of them when you have them.


calling all bloggers

First person to tell me how to set it to be small size text by default wins a prize. i don't know what that will be, but definitely a prize... I digress...
now playing: Bus Driver - Caedmon's / Derek, the last time they were in the studio together. Possibly the last time ever. Until the reunion tour, anyway :-)
Calling all bloggers, calling all bloggers. At least those of you whom I know and love. Code, Jag, Pyro, Jade, Matt, Sickens: Where my dawgs at? I understand it's summer, and you're all very busy, but throw the world a bone, say something. Tell us you love us. Something. ANYTHING! Guys? GUYS?
In other news, i'm going to go see Bourne Supremacy this afternoon with my dad, my little brother, and his girlfriend. I'm pretty stoked.
Oh yeah, yesterday was a wedding. Jay and Amy, I salute you. I've now been to four beautiful weddings this summer. It's been pretty cool. I'm totally stoked for my married friends. I've also been reading a Ravi Zacharias book called "I, Isaac Take You, Rebekah." Let me tell ya, it is pretty darned good, especially as far as books on relationships go. Ravi don't mess around none. The nice thing about it is, neither is he super Radical, or trying to start a revolution in dating. It's down to earth solid advice; the kind of stuff that we maybe know or think we know but could stand to hear again. And again. And Again. Highly recommended. Even as a single person, who thinks he might be single for a while (or not, I'm not going to lie to you my friends.  The Lord has not seen fit to tell me what His plans are... which leads me to a point from another book, whose name I cannot remember. That's okay, it'd take me far off track if I could. Suffice it to say, there's a far difference between God having a plan for us before we were born (Biblical Truth), and God being compelled to tell us what that plan is), this book holds a great deal of good truth to be reminded of. Ravi Rawks.
Alright, i'm gonna go now. Keep on rockin' in the free world.


real rock and roll

now playing: house show // derek webb
Yep, I now have it. My very own copy of House Show. How killerly exciting is that? Derek is definitely one of those people in the world who "gets it." This CD is highly recommended. HIGHLY. It features not just great performances, but Derek's explanation of why he says what he says in his songs. It's awesome. Rock, Rock On.
So, in other news... how about all those doctrines that take one verse and develop some thought, some idea, that was never actually there in the text? God's three fold will in Romans 12:2? WHAT IS THAT? Paul used three adjectives, similar ones even, and so now he's broken down God's will into a tripartite division? Let's not be absurd. Argh.
Here's my problem: we're convinced that somehow, since we're standing on 2000 years of Biblical studies, we're far more advanced than the Apostle Paul could've been when he wrote Romans, or than Pete could've been when he wrote 1st and 2nd Pete. Here's the thing though... brace yourselves, it's shocking:
We've got no business trying to find meaning in little hypothetical ideas we superimpose over passages when we can't even talk and live like we comprehend the basics. Back to basics.
/end rant.
And I leave you now friends, while Derek sings a one vocal, one guitar version of This World. Good night!

ooh, pretty

That is all. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.


blogger gets an update

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I want to start out by pointing out that this is the first time that I've used Blogger's fancy shmancy text editor. If you look back through history, you'll note that AndyMack had colour back when no one else had colour. Now, I have to admit, it wasn't quite as easy to use as this. However. If you read the source code, you'll find that my previous method produced some very decent HTML. Google's (yes, google is the owner of blogger) method, on the other hand, creates some really gross looking code. However, it is a WYSIWYG system (what you see is what you get, duh!) and as far as that goes, it does a pretty good job. So, kudos to google. Six times a Google is? Six google? Nailed it! 

Secondly, I want to point out that... aw crap, there goes the kudos, look at the difference in the text style, and all I did was hit return. C'mon guys!
Ok, now I think I've got it. How's that look? Good stuff. Anyway, as I was going to say, I've decided that Blogger's default text size is WAY too big. I wouldn't have thought that a month ago, but since I started working with book layouts, I've realized that you really don't need super huge text, all you need is an easy to read layout. I think I have that. Anyway, there's some snooty book stuff for you all. I now believe that the printed word will never die.  Also, for those who care about how the html code for this is actually produced — all two of you — it appears that the wysiwyg engine doesn't end the span command with the /span until the return key is hit, which then inserts however many /span commands are necessary to close off any new style moves opened within the paragraph. It'd be easier to close each off when a new one started, although it might come at the expense of... wait, no it wouldn't. This is a dumb implementation.
Alright, I'm sure I wanted to do more than critique Blogger's new text editor, but I guess that as far as this post goes, what you see is what you get. Gotta confess, i love the text colour changing abilities. But it cheapens the hours of work I put into getting 10 different colours to work consistently for me back in the day. I guess it's not all about me.
Okay, I'm gonna go, but to those people who got e-coli from uncooked meat, the moral of the story is - Salisbury Steak isn't meant to be raw! DUH.


the mystery

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Sitting here ripping cds that we thought had been killed by abuse. Musicmatch works wonder. It's worth a shot, I've recovered well over 20 cds that I thought I'd have to buy again. I'm all for paying if you're going to use a whole albums worth of songs, but shoot, i'm not all for paying twice! anyway...

Ah yes, THE MYSTERY OF ThE bAtHrOoM cLoCk . In most bathrooms, you will find a time peice of some sort, a little clock or something, to remind occupants of the fact that they must be at work in a certain amount of time. Phrases bandied about regarding such a time piece may include "bane of my existence" or "clock from H.E.Double Hell, if you don't mind the expression." But, I digress. The fact is, these clocks are necessary. They remind us of where we need to be, and when.
Ah, but I had used the word mystery, hadn't I? And a mystery in deed it was a few mornings ago when I stumbled into the bathroom for my morning rituals (those are a mystery too, but we won't get into them... three things: rain dance, animal sacrifice, and tooth paste. Ask no questions.) Where was I? Oh yeah... so, I stumble into the bathroom, and look at the clock. And, seeing the time as 7:55, and needing to be out by 8, I panic. I hop through the shower, towel off (wet-head... take off hoser), and run out so as to clear the way for whoever else needed to make their way through. As I grabbed my cup of coffee (in the kitchen, of course... why would we have a coffee pot in the bathro... wait a second! Why WOULDN'T we have a coffee pot in the bathroom? That's brilliant... now back to the story), I looked at the time on the microwave. And I says, "que?" Now, for those of you who "no speaka spanish," that roughly translates to "What the heck?!" The clock read 7:45. The bathroom clock read 8:05 when i was done. Where had the 20 minutes gone? Had I developed time travel? For a minute there, i thought for sure I was about to be rich.
Unfortunately, reality always has to kick in. At that point in the morning, I remembered something my mom had mentioned once. About needing to have some way to psych herself into being ready on time. Apparently, that clock was her way. See, she set it forward 20 minutes. That way, she'd look at it, and feel the urgency of having to get ready. "What a brilliant plan," I thought to myself, "and she even managed to fool me in the process!"
Fair enough, right? Some people need a method by which to motivate themselves. Its all good. I would prefer bullhorns and drill sargeants, but maybe I respond best to external stimuli, and she to internal. But, I thought i ought to check on the results. So, i asked her. Possibly not the most objective method ever used, but hey -- it works for me. And yeah, lo and behold, it has NO IMPACT on her morning. Sure, it may make me rush around like an idiot, but not her. See, here's the problem: men, we can trick ourselves like that -- we're too dumb to notice. Not women tho... at least, not this woman. She looks at in, and clues in to the twenty minutes, and works it all out in her head, so that she's as cool as jello, realizing she has twenty minutes more than the clock claims. ARGH! Moral of the story: You can do your best to try to psych yourself into morning prepared-ness. But mostly, you'll just freak someone else out.

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I tell you what. Sometimes, when one is agrivated, empty, and lacking, it sucks. That's where I'm at. Peace.



this and that

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Did you know that in Japan, 47% of men, aged 21-25, are looking for wives. Only 29% of women in that same age bracket are available. Useless information, you say? Indeed, but published useless information. I read it, and now I've shared it. Just spreading the wealth, folks. :-)

So, work is going good, Mom and dad officially sealed the deal for the house, which is wicked. Pretty excited about that. About now, it's bed time, and I'm going to go. Y'all take care, and keep on keepin' on.

good thing I don't live in Japan.



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i have to say, I have been to three beautiful weddings this summer (looking forward to one more), and I've learned a lot. This post is a tribute to my friends... you have taught me that contentment is being patient with God's timing, and not wasting time when He makes things clear. You've taught me that the best really is worth waiting for. And you've taught me (by comparison with my own experience) that anything less than the best isn't worth the time. So, to my married friends: I envy what you have found. To my future wife, I'm waiting for ya, and I'll do my best not to get tripped over the wrong one. Contentment. Learn it. P.K. once said that, and he was never far off mark. Talk to you guys again soon.

_________ andymack
oh yeah, to my future wife again, if a sweater with an obvious slogan, like "AndyMack, I'm your wife" is possible, it'd be greatly appreciated.