big changes

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So, here's an update for bloggerdom. I'm currently in belleville for a job interview tomorrow morning with a custom publishing / media firm. I wouldn't have thought that I'd be here even up to 4 days ago, but here I am. This could mean some huge changes - from place of residence, to job description, to school plans in the short term (the long term would remain pretty well the same). But, I'm really pretty content with the idea. As much as I'd miss the ptbros, the opportunity would be simply phenomenal. We're talking a career move. Anyway, your prayers are appreciated. Not that I would rock the house, or get what I want, but that God's will would be manifest. That's all I need. Mack out.
Lord help me be the one You're making me.


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a post from cook
Now, don't get me wrong. I love cookster. But I have to disagree with him on this one. Certainly our favorites may shift slightly based on mood, but there are certain things that one can always return to. For example, my favorite movie will almost always return to braveheart or that thing you do. My favorite song: as long as I'm not married, it'll probably be Table for Two by Caedmon's Call, cause it describes my life. My favorite food: Lasagna, no matter how many days I eat it in a row. Even the cheap no name stuff. I know... sick, but true. Anyway, it is possible to have favorites. Now, if you catch me at the right time, I might say something else based on mood. I.E. movie / romantic mood / sabrina (harrison and julia). Song / Angry / Crazy Times. But, those variances don't disprove the rule. Anyway, always up for disagreeing with Cook. He's my favorite! ;-)
Alright... work is early tomorrow. I'll catch you guys later!
does this kid ever have anything to say?


opportunity knocks

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You know how sometimes you crack a joke about something that would be a dream... absolutely impossible. And then a week later, the very opportunity you cracked a joke about falls into your lap? Yeah. wild. Crazy when that happens. How to respond? Lord, let me in on this!


race cars

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So, I'm in Belleville. For probably another 2 and a half hours, then it's back to peterborough. I have a test assignment for the same publishing company my mom works for, so hopefully that'll go well. It's been a productive 2 days mentally and physically, and has given me time for spiritual contemplation.

So, as I raced up the 401, I was thinking about the life of fits and starts we all tend to live. (I think most guys have a thing for car analogies...) On the road of life, there are those who -- much like a long haul trucker -- go strong and steady. On the other hand, there are those who -- much like a drag racer -- fly along the road for 5.6 seconds, and then fizzle out thanks to the parachute they're dragging. Sadly, I think most of us are characterized by the latter How awesome would it be if we could all be consistent and sincere? That's my hope and prayer for our generation. Keep it real guys.
*car noises* briiiiiiiiiingdingdingdingding /end car noises


where ya been so long

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It's hard to go wrong, when one is listening to Bob Dylan sing classics. And contemplating God's goodness. I've decided that it's a good thing that God's character is the universal constant. I think i've spent a while trying to figure things out that might be constant. In fact, it's possible that many - nay most - futile pursuits can be boiled down to the pursuit of consistency. We'd all like to be able to depend on things, people, relationships, whatever. God's character doesn't change. You can bank on it. It's a sure bet.
also, bob dylan really does rock my face off.
he made it, why can't we?


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don't go looking for it, cause there's only like 30 odd copies of "puddlejumping" out there... it'll be gold if the guys from BD ever make it big. ;-) Here's one of my favorites though, for your contemplative enjoyment

how can I get closure on a never opened issue?
how can I cry when I should not have cared?
how can i feel stabbed when no knife ever existed?
why does life go this way?

___I just want to curl into Your arms
___And let the tears flow
___Even though I don't understand
___You reign here below
___And when I just cannot see
___I know Your plan will show
___cause Your love sustains me
___And You are good.

why is it always that my heart commits perjury?
and it seems like I am out, out to get me
was it something that I did, or was it in God's plan?
why is it that I never seem to understand?


Your ways are always higher than what I comprehend
Your love is deeper than the Marianas trench
and when I feel despair, I know You're faithful
You are the Holy God, the Rock unshakeable


sometimes a song transcends a situation, and becomes an encouragement, no matter what's going on. That's what "closure" has become. Ironically, the theme from deliverance does just about the same thing. ;-) Alright guys, rock and roll, I hope this moment from the past was as encouraging for you as it was for me!
andymack, signin' out.
andymack and the mack is back no slack


RC Sproul

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Okay, so I'm pretty sure that R.C. is a net junkie or something. Here's why. When he was talking about philosophy, he was like: these philosophy teachers will pretty well do or say whatever they want, and as long as they do it in a hushed tone, everyone's like: wow, that's profound! So, that came to mind today as I did some reading amongst writers of my generation. Sure, we may not lower our voices (mostly because we're too lazy to figure out how to program that in HTML, or in PHPBBCode, or whatever), but often times we seem to have a desire to come across as being profound. So, we find big ways to say nothing at all. I'm definitely pointing the finger at myself, because the more I contemplate it, the more I see it. So, my challenge to myself is to learn to shut up except for when I can actually say something that matters. Anyway, for now, I'm gonna go watch a movie and do a development plan for work. Not that it'll matter, cause I'll probably be leaving there shortly anyway, but it's all good. Peace Out...side

wahoo... job change!


planning big

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Hey kids, mack here. I just wanted to say, real quick: don't be afraid to think big, and plan big. We're such an apathetic lazy generation. Make loving God your number one priority, then... plan big, be bold, and obey Him. rad - iculous
mack out.
I'm gonna bust a guitar solo right there, if it's cool with you.

God is Great

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God's goodness is a mighty powerful thing. Sometimes I'm so dumb as to forget it. and it's when things snap back into place at the end of a phase like that where i realize that I'm really just that dumb. Oh well, it's all good - a good lesson learned every little while is well worth a couple o' smacks upside the head with the celestial two by four -- it's big

Word. So, in other news... not much else going on actually. Work and sleep and sleep and work. And the occasional exercise. And ice cream outings today. Anyway, God is good. That's the one thing I know. And it's the only thing worth depending on. lucy: is he a safe lion? mrs. beaver (i think): oh no dear, he's not safe... didn't you hear what i said? he's a lion. but he's good!

lion of judah!


the blog about nothing

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Okay, so here's the question... how did those sienfeld punks pull off "the sitcom about nothing"? Cause honestly... when I don't have a topic, I'm just absolutely ridiculous when trying to write. How do you write anything without a topic? It's not even possible. Perhaps they were just random. Like duck burgers. Or flying washing machines. or something. Mmm duck burgers. So I guess I should be kinda depressed, since I haven't had any deep thoughts on my mind of late. pathetic, I know, but such is life. Keep it real folks, and I'll try to do the same.

before the shoe was, andymack is.