writings of an empty mind

So, I've been casting about for about 45 minutes, hoping to find/read/see something that will fire a synapse in my head that will give me a topic to write about. And you know: I got nothing. Absolutely nothing. So you all get ripped off. So sorry, Charlie!

I will post again, however. The Pontifications of Andymack will rise from the ashes!


Three Posts in Four Days?

So, I was on the phone with my mom, and I said "You know, I think I'm going to write another blog post. I have no idea what I'll write it about, but I'm going to do it." And now, you're reading that blog post. And, I still mostly don't have any idea what to write about, but I've found some links for you, my enlightened--and about to me more enlightened--reader.

First up, we have a Calvinism story at Christianitytoday.com. An interesting little write-up on the new sensation that's sweeping the nation. Or something. It's an interesting article, highlighting (and low-lighting) what this increased return to "Reformed Doctrines of Grace" generally entails. And there's a pretty good balance in what they say... the article closes on a high note (surprisingly... upbeat!). Here's a quote for you:

...the young Calvinists value theological systems far less than God and his Word. Whatever the cultural factors, many Calvinist converts respond to hallmark passages like Romans 9 and Ephesians 1. "I really don't like to raise any banner of Calvinism or Reformed theology," said Eric Lonergan, a 23-year-old University of Minnesota graduate. "Those are just terms. I just like to look at the Word and let it speak for itself."

I really hope that's a general charateristic of the new Calvinist movement. I've certainly seen where I have been inclined to be completely ungracious with my doctrine, and I've seen where others, older, more experienced, have been completely ungracious with theirs. But, hopefully we will be gracious as well as interested in doctrine. At the very end, Josh "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" Harris says "If you really understand Reformed theology, we should all just sit around shaking our heads going, 'It's unbelievable. Why would God choose any of us?'" Well said.

And then, for something a little lighter, here's a pretty great little introduction to illustration work from Lynn Johnston and her staff. Neat to see how they do their stuff. A lot of work goes into your ten seconds of reading enjoyment!

That's all for now!


Lost Posts

Good morning folks! I'm a little peeved right now, cause I was near the end of a long post about the Islamic response to the Pope's comments (basically what I said was, "How come they're allowed to make statements about not liking us, and that's cool, but if we state disagreement with them, it causes riots?" But, I was way more eloquent than that... I had quotes and links and so on. And... whatever, I'm not going to recreate it). So, that's what I have to say about that.

I wonder if I'll cause any riots? This post wasn't a riot.


Message in a bottl... no... er... stick?

Good morning! It's not even 9 AM, and here I am writing a blog post. This morning, I received a mysterious message... in a most-unexpected place. You see, I normally expect my underarm products to be pretty straight-forward. I don't expect them to try to tell me something. Well... this morning, Degree proved me wrong. What do you know. Embedded in the top of my deoderant (ew, gross) were the words "Go All In."

Now, why am I telling you this? Simple... I have decided to make this my new life philosophy... "Go All In." I mean, why not take my life's direction from a stick of deoderant? Here's how I expect my decision-making interior dialogue to go from now on:

Deciding Lunch:
Hmm, should I order pizza for lunch? You know, that'll be fifteen bucks. I could buy three combos at McDonalds for that. Wait... what did my deoderant tell me? Oh yeah... go all in. Phhh, I'm ordering pizza.

Large Purchasing Decisions:
Should I buy that fifty-two inch HDTV? I mean, that's like $4000. We could almost put a down-payment on a house with that! Wait! hold on... "Go all in." Go all in. If I were a stick of Degree deoderant, what would I do? I'd buy the TV. Okay, I'm doing it... go all in!

Life Changes:
So, I enjoy working in publishing, but you know, there always was the idea of making money as a professional video game tester. I have no knowledge of the industry, I don't know how I'd start... but, you know... my life's definition is "Go All In" so, I'm going to do it!

And the list would go on. Every decision, from this point forward, will be governed by a branding attempt from a commercial firm with no knowledge of what my life is like.

Think it sounds silly? Why? I mean, how many people adopted "Just Do It" from Nike, or "No Fear" from ... who did that one? Just because mine is from a deoderant company doesn't mean it's less valuable than yours from a shoe company!

Or maybe it does. Whatever... I'm going all in... boy, Rebecca is going to love this fifty-two inch television.



Dear friends,

please head over to Free Derek Webb. Poor Derek doesn't feel very free right now, so he wants to give you his record. FOR FREE!!! If you haven't heard Mockingbird yet, you should... it's a gooder. And, you can have it for free! He's giving it away. Feel free to use andymack_at_sympatico.ca as one of your five e-mail addresses they require before you can download the album. Seriously. Get it, listen to it, think about what he has to say. He certainly isn't always right, but he'll make you think!