A Quiet Sunday Evening

Howdy folks,

I'm sitting in my living room next to my wife, I'm listening to the Leafs play the Rangers... we're down 4-2, and we need this one. She's reading a book. And, I'm thinking, yeah... life is good.

Of course, I remember that tomorrow is, in fact, Monday, which means I have to be at work for 7:30 for our weekly sales meeting. And, I've got to go switch the laundry over, cause we haven't really gotten much done. And if I wanted to be really smart, I'd probably make my lunch tonight.

But I guess what underlies all that is that life is good. It's not easy... but it's good. Marriage is good. Very good. It's a big learning experience, but there's no one else I'd rather learn with than my wife.

So, that's not a lot by way of update, but it's a little. God is very good to me, and I thought I'd share that.