just the essentials, thanks

A quick update, since apparently I have people on the edges of their seats... I spent the past two days in Montreal, attending the US embassy and getting Visa details worked out... and they actually got worked out. I'm in the midst of a mass packing event, figuring out what I can take with me and what will have to stay behind.

While in Montreal, I decided that a) I hate Montreal, and b) I hate the Montreal Travelodge hotel. It's the worst hotel in the world. Prices were high, rooms were lousy, there was no cold water in the tap (even when you just ran cold water), the air conditioner was lousy, the beds were lousy, I mean, it was bad... but, how's this for customer service:

So, while their customer service for humans is terrible, apparently they take good care of all bears that come to their hotel. I think they're a little confused though... I mean

Bare Essentials:
  • Tooth brush,
  • toothpaste,
  • soap,
  • shampoo,
  • deoderant, etc.

Bear Essentials:
  • raw meat
  • salmon
  • berries
  • larger toilet / shower facilities
As a human, I'm fairly disappointed in Travelodge. Perhaps some bears can comment on their experiences. Matt?
Just kidding

8 days til I get married, hey!

(that's for you, Mom)