the heart

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First of all, I want to say: I've had this wicked eye twitch for two days, and if it doesn't go away soon, I'm going to lose it. Man, it's so frustrating. SO I SNAP!!! But, I digress.

So, i'm listening to my "relationships" playlist. Which totally is proof that I need to be able to listen to cds in my car. And also to get some two way tape for my chiuaua. Again, I digress. The point is, my playlist reflects my mindset. Sometimes, I manage to pull the VOL, and be "happy being lonely, lonely being happy." Right now, i'm just lonely. That's it. Lonely. Blech. Loneliness is interesting tho. It's not always for a specific person. In this case, I'm lonely for stability, and dependability, and all those great things. Sometimes being single is a good deal. But othertimes, you gotta wish that life would get a move on. Anyway, that's what's on my mind.
hmm. women ARE trouble.


sympathy... empathy... something

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Okay folks, I just want to say, to this matt guy (if you watched the season finale of bachelorette you'll know who I mean. This is the first episode I have watched, but either way... he was the one of the two final bachelors, and he got dropped). I'm with ya buddy. Sometimes life just don't make sense. But one day. one day, the girl we give our hearts to will actually handle with care. one day. that's it for now.
dumb girls

bellevidy - belleville

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So, I'm in belleville. Yesterday morning we picked up the car. We had it back in peterborough by 2:45 after a little running around by the dealer (who was stuck giving me a free break job and exhaust job, b/c we had signed papers for a certified / e-tested car. Good deal for me. Anyway, driving the 401 made me very nearly sick, but I managed to pull it off. And what a great car. Really peppy, good gas mileage, decent colour, I'm thrilled. Wait 'til Starsky and I get some detailing done. Anyway, last night at work I got a call from my little brother saying "why don't you come up tonight instead of tomorrow morning?" So I did. I'm out for now, just wanted to update, remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires. go do something with your family!
family rocks... the glue that keeps society together


an epic

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Hey guys. Wow. WHAT A DAY!!!! Imagine this: a trip to Toronto, to check out cars. The Gurr(Starsky) and Myself. And dealership options out the wazzoo. And by that I mean 4 within the area we were going to, two that were within a block and a half of each other. and this is where we meet our hero, Starsky. We pull up to Standard Auto at about 10:30. We get out, and we begin to look for the 2 or 3 cars that we wanted to check out. Immediately, we checked a corolla, and then went inside and looked at a jetta (which was hot, but maybe a little overpriced). Anyway, we go back out (keys in hand) to look at this little Mazda protege for 2490 etested and certified, which I decide I don't like (why? We don't know). Anyway, we go in, and decide to at least run the jetta, even though it's higher than we wanted to go. Won't start. Won't idle. Not very promising. They pull it outside, and make a comment about the idle motor, and that it's been sitting for 3 months (promising, we think... they'll need to move it). Anyway, it still won't run, so we say "we'll be back to see it... going to check some other dealers." And, we walk up the street. To a dealership called "International Union". While here, we talk to a guy who I'm sure is named Samir, and he shows us an 89 camry with some horrible rust problems. But, he says he'll give it to us for 2000, etested and certified, and he'll do all the body work. It runs like a charm too. Beautifully. However, being a camry, it wouldn't get the greatest gas mileage (which is a concern, cause it adds up) and, it was a little older, and quite beat up. But, with the work, we thought it'd be a good deal. The Jetta was still in the back of my head, and now we had dealing material: "the guy down the road has a camry for 2 flat". So, we return to our friends at Standard Auto, who have done nothing for the jetta but drop a little more gas into it. However, it seems to be running better, so we go for a test drive. It's pretty shaky, but okay. Starsky and I had decided that we'd probably go 2200 etested, and certified, and so, Starsky starts to go at it with the guy, as we drive. The guy thinks he could sell it quick, if he'd just advertise it right. He drops to 2400, plus etest and certification for like 199.99 So, not really dropping at all. So, Starsky's like (as we get out): naw, we'll go talk to the guy about the camry. At this point, Standard Auto dude decides that there is a car he can drop on: the Protege. Yep, we step out, and he drops the protege a full 490 bucks. I was like... wow... lets check this out again? So, we do. And as we head over, Starsky says: remember, you gotta LOVE it, or it won't be worth it. Obviously, anything I bought was going to be less than perfect, so his point was, if I wasn't going to love it for what it was, i'd never be happy with it. So, we walk over. And yeah, it's a very rad colour. And it's a decent size inside (actually, rather more than high enough for us tall guys, which is good). And the stereo worked, and it only had 210k kms on it. And it was actually in good shape. And boy did it run. As in, the first thought through our heads was: "how do you budget for speeding tickets"? There were a few problems with it (missing door handle in the back, lock that didn't work, a couple of lights out, etc.) But, we brought them up, and he said "yeah, I'll do it all.". And I looked at it, and I saw nothing but promise. This was it. It was destiny, or fate, or... something. So, we said "can you do it by 3?" (at this point, it was just before 1pm) and he said... I think so. So, away I went, to call insurance, and to get money from the bank. (side note: Upon calling insurance, I found out that the last company I decided to call (last ditch) was going to insure me for a LOT less than my next best quote. Yeah, I'm saving 150 bucks a month!!! //end side note) Anyway, we went back, and long and short of it, they didn't have it ready by three, but tomorrow morning, I'm picking me up a protege. My very own car. YAY! I have to say, everything happened so providentially, from the jetta incidents getting us a discount, to the insurance, to even the guy at the bank with whom I withdrew a lot of money. It all went so well, it was unreal. God is good. So, pray for safety for Starsky and I as we go back up to toronto in the morning, and for me as I drive 401 for the first time. What a good day. What a providentially led day. Rock on! Keep it real folks.
photo journal on getting a car to come.



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just wanted to say: it's crappy when you wake up and realize that you set your alarm for 7 pm instead of 7 am. Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb... where are my war pipes? shoot, this is faerie music... hold on. There we go... I am William Wallace, and I see before me an army.... okay, I'll leave it there. You all have a great morning, I'll catch you later.
when I'm ruling the world!!!


church and loving Jesus

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A rather appropriate album to be listening to, given the direction of my thoughts throughout today. This morning I was at church for the first time in a while (due to work schedule, not apostasy). My church is far from perfect, however I realized today that the church is the way that God has chosen to organize His people, and to work. It's an honour to be a part of that, and an honour to serve Jesus with other people. To quote a line from Derek, from the perspective of Jesus if you love Me you must love the Church.

I also realized something about theology and philosophy. I can kind of see where Solomon was coming from when he said "excessive devotion {to books} is wearying." It is easy to slip into a state of mind where God is not an active, moving being who is changing His people, but rather a guiding principle to the world. See, here's how it seems to work. We realize a problem: in this case, a low view of God. So, we strive to change it, not realizing that aspects we relate (correctly or incorrectly) to that low view of God (His personal involvement in our lives, the fact that as well as King and Creator and Master and Saviour, He can be our friend) are true. And then, in correcting the low view of God, there's a tendency to throw these good things to the side. And then one becomes enbroiled in the same problem: an inaccurate view of God. Trouble one way, or trouble the other. I hate the word balance, but I will argue that we too often throw out the baby with the bathwater, and when we are correcting problems in our view of / relationship with God, we need to be careful not to become unbalanced to the opposite extreme of where we were when we began. And that was a run on sentence.

So, that's about it for me now. More on the reading break car challenge later. We're fighting the empire (used car dealers) to find freedom (a car), using no weapons but our wits and the force (autotrader.ca). Wish us luck.
Who's darth vader? Ah, yes, the e-test.

the walking dead

now playing: the anthem // good charlotte... i know, i know, not my usual fare. its one of those times where I need to laugh at myself.

Wow, i veritably fell off the face of the planet for a couple days there. Between work, midterms, papers, and what not, it's just been a couple of days since I sat down to do this. DIDYAMISSME?

What a day. What a couple of days. I've sold 6 phones in the last 30 hours. Yea, that's about right. maybe as much as 36, but I think that's gratuitous. It was a crazy night friday night, and a crazy day today. Work is good, let's just say that. Except for the parts where stuff goes wrong and I get frustrated instead of just taking care of business. Always take care of business. Frustration can wait until later.

So, anyway, i don't really have much to go on right now. Life is good, it's reading week, and I'm hoping to have a car by the end of it. Bed calls. peace.

cars rock


grumpy-ness... grumpiness?

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Know what you're thinking... you're thinking "man, a bowl of chocolate ice cream would do me real good right now." But, as soon as you're done with that thought, you'll think "andymack? grumpy? no way!" Sure enough, I'm just not at the top of my game tonight. I'm frustrated, and testy, and grumpy. It makes no sense, had a blast with gurrsy, just got done my study sheet for "big exam from very hot place" tomorrow. Part of it is definitely relational blahs. I love my affianced friends, but sometimes being around them can be rather condusive to jealousy, envy, and a general desire for something relational - something for which i am not yet prepared. "On this journey, give us grace... as we follow lines Your hand will trace." Hmm. yeah. Downhere. Their first album. Rocks. Take a lesson from me guys, its well worth the wait to find the paths that God's hand has traced. "You call us to a crown - but for a time to taste the ground". Yeah, following God ain't always easy, but darned if it isn't always good. Be encouraged. I know I am. He's a good God. "Safe? No child, He's not safe! But He's good!" (the Beavers, LW&W, Chronicles of Narnia) outta here for now. Keep it real folks!

fine and dandy, must be andymack


The MacKay Mind: a note from family history.

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The MacKay Mind:
Reading up on some family heritage, found the following in a paper by Dr. R.L. Mackay, linked to above. Thought it was rather interesting and indicative. "Most writers produce books of Sermons, Theology with a Presbyterian slant and Philosophy. Some way behind, and in about equal numbers are three groups, namely Legal subjects, Local and General History, and Poetry. Thereafter, in diminishing frequency come Education, Economic and Social Reform, Science, Engineering, Geography and Travel. The writing of novels is inconspicuous. War, as distinct from History, is rather rare. Almost absent, alas, are Music, Drama, Painting, Illustration, Crafts of Mankind. Stranger! If you think of marrying a Mackay YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! "

BAHAHAHA!!! YES! There it is, a warning! Keep it real!

Bagpipes in the Morning

Nothing like it. Nothing. Care to disagree? You and what army? That's what I thought.


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Well, good day class! How goes it? It's a beautiful day out, I got to go for a coffee run this morning with Big Stever, and then I got to run down to Canadian Tire on my own: As my penance for driving JGurr's car, I cleaned the upholstery in around the driver and passenger seats. Looks and smells pretty good actually. It's unreal, they sell this stuff in a can that you just spray on, scrub in, and wipe off: even builds in a layer of protection: how cool is that? K... K... Crazy cool, if you ask me. (yeah, i was going to spell crazy with a K back there, but then thought that if the CIA is watching this sight, they might've thought it to be a coded reference to some involvement with a rogue white supremacist group. And I have no such involvement. A rogue Scottish supremacist group maybe, but then, there's nothing to fight for, we're already supreme.)

Work calls shortly, and hopefully some guitar playing calls between now and then, so I'm gonna run. Point to Ponder: did Napolean's desire to rule the world come from an inferiority complex due to being so short? If so, does that mean that the people to be worried about in the world are the short people? I thought so... I thought so.
short people got... no reason... what a great song.


fickleness and fancy

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Fancy. Fancy that. I fancy that. I fancy that. Hmm, such an interesting word to have dropped from usage almost altogether. The concept behind it used to be "being inclined toward someone/thing". Today I am frustrated. A good friend of mine has repeatedly quoted to me that "Purity of heart is to will one thing". Man, we stink at this! We have set our fancy on so many things. Whether it's possessions or people, or position, or (insert another p word, so as to make this sentence sound like the thesis from a brethren sermon), our desires are so varied and so divided! You know, in days past, one whose loyalties were divided was called a TRAITOR and could be summarily executed.

Think about that. Traitor. Deserter. Coward. These are words that once sparked intense hatred and general derision. And now, we are all guilty of it. What got me thinking about this was the whole realm of interpersonal relationships. We're fickle about them. But, as with everything, the various paths that my mind take ultimately lead me back to the fact that, as faithless as we are sometimes with our friends, significant others, etc., we are ever so much more fickle when it comes to our dealings with God. I think it'd be good if we could regain our hatred for divided loyalties, fickleness, and the like. ONLY IF we can develop the hatred for it in ourselves first and foremost. I can so easily point out the sliver in your eye, but darned if I can see the log in my own.

Class was good today. And, I even managed to write the first draft of my Churchill paper this afternoon. Which is good, since it's due tomorrow. Which means I have to revise it when I get home from work.

So, did you hear what happened to Laura and Amy this morning? They showed up late, and I'm sure that, like me, you had to stop and wonder what went down. Now, the average person would go "hmm, they don't want to talk about it, so I'll leave it alone." But, i've never been the average person, have I? (Look at the size of that nose!) So, in the time honoured tradition of Sherlock Holmes, Bill O'Rielly, Paul Harvey, and Encyclopedia Brown, I did some investigation. The following may be shocking, especially to those of you who live in the nice (i.e. East) part of town.
Our story begins with Laura not locking her back door last night. In life, it's the little things that end up making the big problems (and by little things, I do mean not locking the back door, not Laura herself). Now, as those of you who live anywhere but East City know, the North/West end is the hive of mob activity in the 'Borough. Not everyone is so privileged as we Village dwellers are. Anyway, last night, issues between Uncle Carlito CVII (west end Mob boss) and his nephew Carlito CVXXII blew up. As a result, both of Carlito CVII's sons (Carlito CVIII and Carlito CVIV) were out chasing Carlito CVXXII, along with some chap named Bernard. Unfortunately for Carlito CVXXII, we all know that you can mess with the mob, but you can't mess with some chap named Bernard. So, Bernard got the drop on ol' CVXXII (yes, that is pronounce cee vee ex ex two I). Now, interestingly enough, Bernard needed some place to store the body. And, a Mercury Topaz' back seat is more than enough room to store a body in. And, as he was working for the West-end mob king, the location of Laura's Topaz (half way North, halfway West) was rather ideal. So, Bernard stored CVXXII in the back seat of Laura's topaz, fully intending to deal with the body by sunrise.
Of course, if you mess with CVXXII, you mess with all his friends. Unfortunately for Bernard, CVXXII's friends included Leonardo Di Caprio. Wait... he's not dangerous at all! He's kinda girly, actually! Oh yeah, that's it... his girlish looks caught Berny (can I call him berny?) off guard. And so, Berny got a new pair of shoes. Cement shoes, if you know what I mean... Anyway, this morning, Laura and Amy get in the car to go to school. And, as they turn onto Brealy, they realize that there's a dead guy in the back seat. (That they didn't notice until now can be forgiven, since the topaz is such a big car that it's hard to see everything in there). So, they dumped the body at Tim Hortons, since everyone knows that Tim Hortons is the place to dump dead bodies (kinda like the cities of refuge from the Old Testament, but with more caffeine). Thus, they were 15 minutes late. (Which, by the way, is a new mob record for getting rid of a body... Amy and Laura, if you read this, Carlito CVII would like you to give him a call... he said (and I quote) "you gotta do somethin' for the family") And now you know the rest of the story.

Anyway, i gotta get ready for work. Selling cell phones... a lot of them, I hope. I wish you all a wonderful evening. Until next time, keep it real.

the above account of events was conjecture. Except for the tim hortons part. And the fifteen minutes late part. And maybe some other minor details. I'll leave those up to you to guess (hint: watch obituaries).
that wasn't even funny



yetisports2 Holy Cow. Check it out! And you thought penguin smashing was good! Props to Caleb for finding it first!

Freedom, Choir, and some such

now playing: forget what you know // caedmon's call from my calm//your storm. key line: "your sin is not an ax that can fell the sacred tree." THINK ABOUT THAT!

Justin left me his car keys while he was gone. Hokey shmokes, talk about nerve wrackingly great. It was so nice to be done class, and to decide "I'm going home!", and then be able to follow through on it. Wow. God is good. Still watching the car market, we've got some good ideas we're looking at. Honda Accords, Toyota corollas, and the like. Exciting stuff. Also, since I got home so early, I cleaned my keyboard. It was a little gross after 2 years of dorm / college life. I think there was more bbq sauce under the keys than there is on the average half dozen chicken wings. yikes. All better now. And my 7 and 8 buttons don't stick anymore!

So I went and checked out the KLBC Choir Talk about a blast. They did a rockin' awesome. I have to confess, highlights for me were the trio by Bruce, Affleck, and Jenkinson on "Free", as well as being MegMur-ized by MegMur's performance of "Offering". Wow, and I bet all those brethren folk in the crowd thought we'd be passing a plate or something. ;-) Anyway, to those Choir members who may or may not read this site, you rock, and as one who has been in the two previous choirs, Our hats go off to you guys. You have more talent than we did, so be encouraged! It's all stage presence now guys. Seriously.

Next time you see Erin, ask her about McDonalds in Bancroft. That's all I'm gonna say, cause I've already told the story enough. Hehehe... Anyway, it's gonna be a long week: 32 hours of work, 2 midterms, and 1 paper. I guess I should start writing that. But first, this room HAS GOT TO BE CLEANED! God is good, guys. And He works all things together for our good. And that ROCKS! Keep it real.
andymack almost sounds like his old self... look out world!


norah, me, a cup of tea.

now playing: norah jones, in the morning, from feels like home (and i'm pretty sure she just used the line "tea and sympathy"... as if that's not plaigarism... i'm calling jars of clay as soon as i'm done here)

Yeah, so another day of work done. Can I make a recommendation to everyone? When something goes wrong with something you bought over a year ago, the person who sold it to you probably can't do much to remedy the situation. Generally, sales people don't have too much to do with warantee coverage at all. They can probably give you a phone number to call, but little else. And no, standing there crying or ranting isn't going to get you any further. Just something to keep in mind.

I have to say, I don't believe in God's sufficiency like I should. Like, situations come up and I think "oh, I've gotta exploit this for all it's worth" instead of going "God'll take care of it, chill out, and let Him work". Anyway, that's abstract, but I won't go into further detail. I'm gonna split for now. Y'all have a rockin' night.

note. The above WAS indeed posted on February 14th. No mention of love. No mention of the holiday. Not bad, eh?
why didn't he just leave it alone?



done. That's right. Done. Tuition to be paid: monday morning. Yay! Now to find a car.

best valentine ever, and other snippets

now playing: what you want // caedmons call, from long line of leavers

So, let me tell you a story. On or about Tuesday, February 10th, I checked my mailbox at school. In it was a valentine, which read quite simply "To Andrew, from one who is watching from far off, hoping that one day you'll notice me." No signature, no nothing. Now, my initial reaction was, of course, to think that it was written by nicole or affleck, or someone who enjoys messing with my head like that. However, I checked it with nicole, and it wasn't her. Further, it wasn't Affleck's handwriting. In fact, it was rather stately and well written, unlike any I really recall seeing from any of the girls I know. Anyway, I asked a couple trusted friends to keep their eyes open to similar card / writing. Meg told me that if it was legit (and she tended to think that maybe it was), the girl probably had someone else write it for her. I was like "oh shoot". Because, seriously, the last thing that I really need right now is some sweet girl thinking I'm the biddy. (Business, for those who don't speak Bretterson). However, I just kinda decided to leave it alone. Anyway, today, nicole did send me a freak note (addressed to Foxy Mackay). In it's wake came the revelation of who it really was. Nicole was joking with me about it afterward, when into the room walked the esteemed J. Stephen Yuille. He overheard nicole say secret admirer, and said "you've got a secret admirer?" and I said, no just nicole, but... and told him the story above - people kinda came and went while I told him. Anyway, he was like, oh that's pretty sweet. To which I responded, no it's a little disturbing, cause I don't really need it at this point in time. He asked if I knew whose handwriting it was (at this point cook walked up, and a bunch of people were coming up the stairs). I was like... no, we checked it against some, couldn't find it. He says "Stop, cook I want you here for this.

That handwriting was... Allison's." Yep, he had his wife write it. His line + her handwriting = one confused andymack. I have never felt so had in all my life. I turned about twelve shades of red too. I couldn't believe I had bought his story so completely. Wow. The war is on. stay tuned for more info

In other news, the Valentines breakfast for the girls was great. We managed to pull it together rather brilliantly. I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all. Except for that part where the waffle was in the microwave for 4 minutes, and there was smoke everywhere. Cause I thought we were going to get killed on that one. Oh well.

Anyway, work all weekend, gotta go get ready for my first shift. I'm tired. 530 in the morning is grossly early. Oh well. God is good, I'm just so lazy. May you all have a peaceful weekend, and may the activities you partake in ROCK. Peace
Yep, it's a fact... whipped cream between two hot waffles... melts. no way around it.


The Valentine Cactus

now playing: she is fading // vol from summershine.
news of note: say it ain't so... karbie broken up.

Today, while out shopping with my friend Gurr, we were at a flower counter. Why? I don't know, lets see if you can figure it out... would I be buying flowers? Probably not. So that leaves? Anyway, they had a pile of cactuses, which led him to crack a joke about giving one to a girl, and how bad that would come off. This led to potentially the greatest product idea since DeBeers decided that every girl should have a diamond ring on her finger to show that she is engaged. You guessed it, the perfect gift for the (recently broken up) single on your list, the valentine CACTUS! Cause sometimes, life really is that thorny. We're going to sell millions on this one, guarantee. Hallmark's going to wish they had thought of this one. Oh, I hate Hallmark... with their wee beady eyes, and that look that says "Oh, you're going to buy my cards".

Anyway, that pretty much is it for me for today. long day, lots of shopping, family get togethers and that jazz. Early morning tomorrow, cookin' breakfast for the ladies of KLBC. Gotta hit the hay. Peace!



now playing: forget what you know, caedmon's call from my calm//your storm

worth a read: dude swims to shore with shark biting leg

So, a good part of my day today was spent reading "Winston Churchill: An Intimate Portrait" by Violet Bonham Carter, under whose father Churchill first became a cabinet minister. She knew him as a friend, and writes in a rather captivating manner. The purpose of my mentioning this is not to make you go out and read the book (although it is great), but rather to make a comment on the quality of man that Churchill was.

It's not that he was super human, but that he did everything he did with all his heart, and with little concern for what others thought (although some historians might quibble about the latter statement). Reading other historical comments on the lead up to World War II, this is evident as well. When almost the entire House of Commons in Britain wanted to appease the Germans, good ol' Winston sat there, chomping his cigar, and stating in eloquent terms the fact that appeasement would avail nothing.

Let me back track a little though. At key periods in Churchill's life, he felt that he needed to gain knowledge in certain areas. For example, when he took his first undersecretary post, he was appointed to a position that required a thorough knowledge of economics. And he learned it. In 8 weeks, no less. When he felt that his knowledge of poetry was lacking, he read and MEMORISED large parts of classic poetry. When he felt something was lacking, the man would set about learning with his whole heart. When he decided something was right or wrong with regard to policy, he would pursue it with his whole heart, regardless the sentiments of his constituents (//aside... that should be how representative government works. You elect someone based on the kind of person they are, trusting that they will make the best decisions, not the decisions you like. //end aside) This tendency to ignore popular sentiment led to the poor guy being defeated numerous times. He wasn't necessarily the greatest politician. Benham Carter says that he was too sincere for that. But man, when a war had to be fought, there was no one better to have on your side than Churchill... if he believed in the cause, he went all the way.

So, I'm sure you're going "what's the point andymack, what's the point? Here's the point: We're such halfway people. It HAS to change. We don't ever pursue anything with our whole being, even if we claim to believe in it. That's why I can honestly say that Winston Churchill is one of my heroes. There's a lesson to be learned from him. Apply it to Christianity: we're called to "love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind" (Mt. 22:37). We need to do it with reckless abandon, regardless what other people think. Churchill lived a life of reckless abandon based on political ideals, and he managed to turn the empire on its ear, and save his country (and Europe too). Could you imagine if we really lived a life abandoned to God, and based on absolute truth? That's my desire for our generation. That's the kind of life we need to be disciplining ourselves to.

And now from the sublime to the simple... a short note on napping. Today, as I was reading, I think I fell asleep for 10 minutes. I can't remember really. All I remember was the clock saying 1:50, reading about 4 pages, rather slowly, and next thing I knew, I was opening my eyes at 2:15. So it could've been as long as 20 minutes, I guess. All I know is, usually I'm the type who doesn't nap. If I do, I try to get an hour. But this aft, with just the 10-20 minutes, I felt better than I would've had I slept for an hour. So, maybe power napping is the way to go. All I know is, I felt like a million bucks. And looked like it too, but what else is new? ;-) Ah, arrogance... such a wonderfully disgusting thing to read on paper, no? Anyway folks, time for the mack to go... thanks for reading, really. It gives me a chance to refine my thoughts, and to try to present them in the best possible wording. So, I appreciate it. You can send me your comments too, if you like. click here to send mail! Grace and Peace!
man, what's with the war heroes... must be a warmonger!


a good day? could it be?

now playing: not enough // caedmons call, from their self-titled album.

exciting news on the web: Track List for Caedmon's Call's greatest hits.

Right! So, today was a fine, fine day, let me say. A bit of a rough start, but tonight, at work, everything seemed to come together. It was like: whoa. I managed to sell, got commended for treating a customer well, and, well... it was just a good night. Which was good, cause frankly, sometimes work can be tough / frustrating / annoying.

Which is, of course, mostly an attitude problem, I know. The Puritans (or Steve Yuille) would kick my rear for even saying that I have a problem with work. They had this great doctrine whereby work was your calling from God. So you embraced it. And while I believe that with my head, I must confess that sometimes, especially working in a mall like I do, I find it hard to accept with my heart. Which is really a self condemning statement: what, God isn't powerful enough to put me where He wants me? Is that it? Because wow, THAT'S FLIPPIN' HERESY!

Outside of that, life is pretty good. I'm trying to be a little more laid back and content. Because lets face it, it's the laid back people who have the most fun. And who handle things best. Maybe I should become a hippie. No, that's a dumb idea. Alright, I'm out... peace!
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i wanna be a butterfly

// now playing: Seven Day Jesus / Self Titled... you read it right... OLD SKOOL!

I love pulling old cds out: or in this case, old mp3s. (aside: a good policy is, when you find a cd you love, rip it immediately. I did that two years ago when i picked up the SevenDay cd on a fluke considering as how they broke up in like 96, and now, while the cd is eaten up (by some freak Puerto Rican mold), i can still rock out to a cd that, in all likelyhood, I'll never come across again.) There are a lot of good memories associated with this stuff. And yes, I do wanna be a butterfly.

So, right now, clickest thou here and go read Caleb Hunt's blog, cause it rocks, and also, cause I got a reference for what I am about to propound. Yes ladies and gentlemen, step right up, for you will now hear... or read, as it were... andymack's thoughts on relationships.

WARNING: what follows are the sometimes tongue in cheek, sometimes not so, musings of one who tries his best to be bitter at the world, but does a pretty bad job of it. END WARNING

Okay, so relationships... ARE DANGEROUS!!! This was the realization that founded a great, grass roots organization that I'll introduce you to in a bit. Don't you go getting me off track now. Where was I? The price of tea in china? Wait... different web-identity. ;-) Relationships are dangerous. Now, reasons why? Well, probably because inevitably, there's gonna be a girl involved. And girls are dangerous. And unpredictable. And generally understand us more than we want to confess. Which is scary stuff. Plus, the chance exists that you may experience colossal rejection. Or worse, that you'll get dumped. All these are reasons why i recommend that every man join The NoMackPack © ®. The NoMackPack © ® stands on a very basic purpose statement: Stay Free, Stay Strong, Stay Single. Started in the Summer of 2000 by two young men (who quickly left the fold, then rejoined, then left, and now have rejoined again), the NoMackPack © ® exists to call young men to a higher standard. To Stay Free: free from gossip, free from flirting, free from stupid entanglements, free from anything that hinders us. To stay strong: strong in the fight, strong in character, and strong in commitments. And finally, To Stay Single: Not permenantly. There's nothing strange going on here. We, the founders, understand that at some point the man will reach the point where it is a GOOD THING for him to pursue the right girl. But, we stand with Elizabeth Elliot in recommending that you not awaken passion before it's due time. BECAUSE YOU END UP GETTING HURT, MEATHEAD. Or worse, you end up hurting someone else.

Ah, the NoMackPack. The sweater order will be going in sometime around April, so let us know if you'd like one. That ended up being a lot more serious and a lot less funny than I thought it would. I think the reason for that is that I'm over the whole bitterness stage from my last relationship, and am moving on to the... be careful where you step stage. It's a hard world to be an upstanding person in. It's so easy to fall into umpteen different kinds of sin. This is a call to men: to those who are single, let's be upstanding gentlemen to all the girls we interact with. To those who are Not Single, first, allow me to offer my best wishes and encouragment. It's a wonderful thing to be in a good, God honouring relationship. But, the challenge to you is: not only do you have to be an upstanding gentleman to all the girls you interact with, you have to be an upstanding boyfriend / fiance / husband to the girl you are with. Double Duty.

I really think that the area of our treatment of women is a place that guys have really lost a step in. And it's always good to (as Lenny said right before the Oneders rocked out a Villapiano's) pick it up a little! So, lets do it guys. Let be gentlemen. Lets uphold honour and truth in our dealings with everyone.

Okay, so now I'm gonna go. I've gone from wanting to be funny, to being contemplative about the state of mankind. Which means, time to write some philosophy papers! Just a general recommendation: if you have 5 lessons of philosophy due, don't leave them until the day before. It's a bad idea. So, this one goes out to G.E. Moore. "Here is my right hand; here is my left hand. Therefore, an external world exists." You got 'er buddy. I just hope you held up the correct hands when you said it.
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Just a quick post. To say PFFFT!!! to everyone who tries to blog without an editor. That's right (note to editor, I just used an apostrophe correctly), a full fledged editor. It helps that she's related to me, so she has to read it anyway. :-) Thanks Mom!

Oh, and as to typical editing problems, to quote StrongBad: "If you want it to be possessive, it's just I T S, but if it's supposed to be a contraction, it's I T Apostrophe S. Scalawag." Man, i'm so bad at that!

So, what would you think of a meeting that got moved earlier because of the Grammies? Would anyone else be frustrated? Cause I know I was. Oh well, everyone has their thing, I guess. The Grammy Awards just aren't mine. With that, I'll say GOOD NIGHT!
if I had a girlfriend, she'd think I was real cool

Freedom Hath Four Wheels

Yes folks

freedom has four wheels. I decided this yesterday, when my parents were down and I could steal their car for my own purposes. As nice as I'm sure it is to have passengers, man... riding around, on your own, doing what you want to do (ie, stopping to grab some Pepsi Vanilla , going to Timmy Ho-Ho's (on the east side)) is unbelievably cool to one who has never gotten to do so before. So, freedom has four wheels, and yesterday its name was tempo.

That being said, my own situation isn't far from being resolved. Banks will be banks, and they will put things off as long as they can (unless those things happen to involve you paying them a large amount of money: were that the case, I'm sure they would expedite the process. And have the undertaker for one of their repomen. And probably Noel Gallagher from Oasis for the other. That'd be quite the pairing). However, my purchasing agent and myself should have a good idea of where we're going to pick one up once the loan comes through, and insurance gets figured out.

It's been a slow weekend mentally... I'm pretty well dead. There is no sleep for the weary, nor for the lazy, tonight.

I'd like to thank the academy for this chance to speak. The preceding has been brought to you by: the number 4!
have you driven a ford lately?

a good day? could it be?


Live From Studio B - A Special Rich Mullins - Part 1

Live From Studio B - A Special Rich Mullins - Part 1

Okay guys, you know I'm always one to be pushing people that I think are good musicians, and granted, I probably do it far more often than I ought to. However, if you never listen to me about another music recommendation after this, I'll be okay... as long as you go watch this right now. Rich Mullins was the man. I think you'd be hard pressed to find any musician who is a Christian that is more incisive and well written in the history of the world. Honestly.

Canada takes over?

Imagine: A Canadian Tropical Paradise. So, Gurrsy and I were discussing this, and I didn't really know what he was talking about. Now I do. And I'm thinking: wow, why aren't we all over this already? WE COULD HAVE ISLANDS! Forget Newfoundland. Forget PEI, Forget Baffin Island, we're talking Turks and Caicos baby! So this morning, I'd like you to call your MP, tell them... GO GET ME TURKS AND CAICOS!

spinnin' around, putting out fires... with gasoline

Currently in my cd player: Summershine by VOL.

yep, for those who know, I owe them credit for the second half of the title of this post. But, I must confess, I am hijacking their idea and applying it in a way that makes sense in my life.
Ever just had stuff that seems like a spot fire? I've felt that way emotionally of late. Everything that pops up (discontent mostly), I treat like a spot fire. But, to quote VOL, I'm putting out fire with gasoline. You know what I mean? You try to deal with it, but instead of quashing it, you make it worse? Yeah... not fun.
Here's the real question of the day: is discontent bad? I think that with my current definition of contentment, no, discontent isn't bad. Far too often I allow myself to think of contentment as just "letting go, and letting God." But, that's not really true. No where in the Bible is passivity equated to contentment. You don't just let go and lay back. There is a constant pursuit of a goal (ie... 2nd Timothy 2... read the analogies). I think that's my problem right now: I'm not really pursuing anything. I've got this Laissez Faire attitude about everything that is just really sabotaging myself.
Anyway, I've got to find stuff to be proactive about. So, that's the challenge: be proactive. Pursue a goal. Or several.
Anyway guys, until next time, call it like you see it!

E.T. Phone Home. Like, now, moron!


This Silly Melancholy

Funny how it can be the little things in life that really mess you up. It doesn't even have to be necessarily tangible things, just a sub-par day, coupled with a chance run in, add a little intro/retro-spection, and next thing you know, you've gone all psycho on everything. Or maybe that's just me. But somehow, i imagine that everyone has those days.

However, it's not my intent for all this to be whiny. Cause whining isn't fun. A little self-satisfying sometimes, but certainly not fun. Tonight, I must confess, I'm struck by the impact that sleeping in can have on a day. To quote John Bunyan "He that sleeps is a Loser" (p. 41, Pilgrims Progress). And this morning, I was a loser. Actually, let me be honest, it was the last three mornings running. And the whole thing just dulls one's senses. Not sense of smell or sense of sight (although my eyes are a little bleary... is that a word? I don't know, I can't read it, cause I've been staring at this screen for the last 8 hours), but kind of "spiritual senses". I guess one could probably just call it the Affections, with the Puritans (and my favorite Professor), and probably be talking about the same thing. Diligence (or, digilence to my cell group... sorry guys, i can't read, I'm not going to lie to you) is a great trait to pursue with regard to the affections. Why can't I convince myself to wake up at 615? Mostly because I'm one lazy punk. Even when i KNOW that it's not good for me. It's a Romans 7 thing. A large part of life is spent in Romans 7. I remember a smart man I grew up listening to saying that. And I see that it is true. Which is NOT to say that there isn't growth. If we read 1st John, we see that there HAS to be growth (1 Jn. 3:6). But a large part of life is spent engaged in a struggle to change. 'Cause the old man, he's still living. But, we're putting him to death. That's the meat of life. Couldn't do it on our own, but thankfully we've got a Helper that is Always Greater.

Anyway folks, that's all I've got. Life is good, because God is. Until next time, that's the way I saw it today.
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Used Car Salesmen

For those who don't know, I am a cell phone sales person in my other life, as well as being a fulltime student. I just wanted to express my indignation regarding the fact that truly, we cell phone salespeople are becoming the world's new version of the "used car salesmen". All on account of the few who aren't upfront about what your contract is. Or who try to stick you with a bad phone. I honestly have never heard any one of my co-workers intentionally mislead a client. Furthermore, if you have a problem with my company (which will remain unnamed so as to protect them, and myself), they are typically VERY easy to deal with. Anyway, we're not used car sales people! Or like them! AT ALL! Where's the love?

Currently on my playlist is mostly Nickel Creek and a newish Christian band called Alathea, which is greek for something. Both folk bands. Both talented bands. I tend to like male vocals better, so Nickel Creek is a little more up my alley, but allow me to recommend either of these CDs, if you're looking for a little more folk / americana exposure. And you know that you can never get enough folk music. Right? RIGHT!?

Okay, bed time approaches. Sorry this wasn't deeper. Or at least funnier. Or maybe both.
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I just got in from shoveling snow, and I'm realizing that it really could be an olympic sport. To think, I get winded shovelling 3 inches of snow, whlie my grandfather (74) will get out there every morning, whether its 3 inches or 32. I feel pretty put to shame. So, from now on, i'm going to be up early enough to beat him to it.

Also, I go outside, and I'm shoveling snow, and I'm noticing that the snow is actually magnificently packy. We're talking so packy that I almost took the hours it would require to make a snow man. Yes, I know, not a very worthwhile pursuit for a young man. But, if I had someone to do it with me... anyway, the preceeding thoughts ran through my mind, and drove me back to thoughts on the human need for companionship. And let me just say, I don't get it. This stuff sure ain't easy. Sometimes I've gotta wonder (prepare lightning bolt) why God didn't just create us to be cut off individualists who don't care about anyone else. And then I realize, that would've been boring! God definitely does everything with a good and perfect person, and I am DUMB to think I know better than He.

all that for a snowman.

Anyway I do believe it's time for this young man to show some self discipline, write an email or two, and go to bed. Before 11:30. I know, crazy isn't it? Organization is key. Discipline, discipline, discipline.

the proof of desire is in pursuit

If that's true, then what does my life show my desires to be?

of banks and wars

So, another fine day where the mack has to go to "the work". But, I had a call today from some chick at the bank who needs me to come fill out some forms. Forms at the bank? you ask. Yes, forms at the bank. Having to do with them giving me money. Apparently I have to give it back one day. But they were fuzzy on those details. Funny how that works. Anyway, this should mean being able to pay tuition in about a week. That'll be sweet. And who knows, you may hear me spinning my wheels sometime in the near future. I hope.

So yeah, wars... I'm sure I had something deep to say about wars. Wait, no, it wasn't about wars at all. It was one of those nemo...pnemo... mnemonics? I'm not sure. Anyway, it was reminding me of the fact that I'm turning into one of my good buddies. He'll remain unnamed, but boy can he cook. My date book is so unorganized that i committed to help lead a war games activity on a night that I work. Funny that earlier today I was giving another an admonition to be organized. To he who is strong, beware lest ye stumble also. So, my challenge to myself is to:


The British amongst us may prefer organise, either way, I've gotta get my act together. So, a challenge to you all too: if the price of freedom is discipline (Elton Trueblood said that... I can't remember who he is, but it sounds good), can we be disciplined about our schedules?

stay free, stay strong, stay single.

                 NoMackPack. est. 2000


on chip-ped teeth and chip dip

So, you ever been sitting there, drinking a cup of tea, when all the sudden, your approach is all wrong? It's kind of like on Top Gun where they're learning how to do the carrier stuff, right? Your mug is approaching the ramp (ie. your mouth), and somehow, you're just lined up a little wrong? And, smack, the airplane touches down with a bang instead of with a bump? Know what I mean? Yeah, i managed to slightly chip my tooth on a porcelain mug. And not even a Tim Hortons mug, just a regular ol' homebody mug. How depressing is that? It's not noticible, but it's rough. And that frustrates me.

Next time you're at the store and buying a bag of chips, don't leave after the chip aisle. Make your way over to dairy and pick up some Philadelphia Cream Cheese dip... wow, that stuff rocks. I had the dill pickle dip today, and man... it was dilly. And pickle-y. Mmm Mmm good. And (to quote my buddy matt) if when you die and go to heaven, they offer you regular heaven and pie heaven, take pie heaven, cause it might be a joke, but if it's not... mmm, pie!

Lastly, a challenge to the gentlemen out there... one day, you and I will probably be fathers. I'm not sure what the likelyhood is, but since this isn't a betting pool, it doesn't much matter anyway. As fathers, we're probably going to have certain things we'd like to see when a young man comes to try to steal the hearts of one of our daughters (I myself intend to have theft deterrents along the lines of mean dogs, cyborg protection agents, and portable land mines to prevent just such an occurrence, but to each his own). Anyway, my challenge to you guys is to contemplate that. Even the way we approach the lead up to dating would probably be vastly different if we took this into consideration. So, stop. Think about it for a minute. And not to be overly cheesy (I know it's easily possible), but consider the fact too that whoever it is you're pursuing bears the image of the Holy, Righteous God. And that's an even more serious Dad to mess with than yours truly will ever be.

for a friend

To: All Men
From: AndyMack
Re: being spineless wimps

Okay guys, maybe when we were fourteen, being spineless wimps about telling a girl we liked her was okay. Those long conversations skirting the issues, and what not? Yeah, but we were fourteen.

newsflash!!!! It's NOT COOL ANYMORE!

It's nigh about time that guys started acting like they were leading on this one. We've really dropped the ball, and it's a little frustrating. How can you ever love a girl like Christ loved the church when you won't even get up the nerve to tell her straight out that you like her?

So in closing, if you're going to bother to try to stake a claim on a girls affection, at least be straight forward about it. You save the girl a difficult situation, and you save yourself some trouble, too. Especially if I hear about. Cause I'm not a nice guy to mess with. So, listen up!