i blog in fits and starts

I think I could write an emo song about that... except I think it's more emo to use Xanga than blogger. Oh well, I wasn't ever really emo anyway. And I'm okay with that, i think.

Okay, for those who care, yesterday was a wicked long day. We went to pick up mom and dad's new car (which I will totally steal whenever I've got a long trip to go on :-) Thanks mom and dad), and man... you get to do a lot of running around when you're picking up a new car. It all worked out though, and...

to quote Napoleon (kinda)... "You've got disc brakes, a cd player, a spoiler, fog lights, cruise control... lucky."

Anyway, so that's cool. What's also cool is, I have a week of vacation time coming up, and I think I'm going for a bit of a road trip. It should be awesome. I'll follow up and let you guys know how it goes... possibly with pictures. :-)

Alright, it's 8:00, I gots to go! Peace.



morphing plans

Hi Guys,

Well, now that everyone knows, I can talk about it i guess - Our grand trip to Thunder Bay (by our, I refer to myself and the three totally awesome people who voluntarily were going to go) has been cancelled. It's kinda weird when you've been planning for something for months, to have it cancelled, but I'm fairly comfortable with God's sovereignty through it. He tends to know what He's doing. Anyway, yeah, that's that.

It's been a very long week. I'm writing this on Friday morning, sitting here listening to Franz, and dreading work -- not for works sake, but because I'm tired like a mad dawg. And dawg is way more serious than dog, dontcha know. Speaking of dogs, my mom is pretty fixated on getting one - which makes me start to think about the age-old question of mutt versus purebred. Actually, this question probably isn't age old. It probably dates back to when snobby nobility in Europe who were all inbred needed one more card to pull out over top of the rest of the family, so they started inventing paperwork about dogs. Sounds dumb, no? I kinda think so. I guess the nobility just wanted dogs that were as inbred as they were. Wow, I sound like I'm bitter against European Aristocracy. I guess I probably am a bit, since realistically, that socio-political/economic system totally sucked.

Anyway, i need to get ready for work, but get a mutt! They're way cooler... plus, there's no paperwork to track.


P.S., I definitely need to stop signing these Mack out, cause it sounds like I want to be the stupid aemrican Idol guy - I think I've been saying it longer than he has, but that doesn't matter. Blech. Also, I shaved my beard.