every new beginning

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One reaches the end of the year, and looks back and wonders. "What if". The what ifs get me nowhere, so I'm going to stop what-iffing and just appreciate everything that you KLBC folk did to make the year as good as it was, and thank God that He's got even better in store for all of us. Carpe Diem guys... live every moment to the full, because every moment matters and every minute counts.

Oh yeah, also, I got to jam with Todder tonight... hokey shmokes... I love his writing, and i love the fact that we learned each other's stuff in about 10 minutes, and then had a blast sharing it with people. Definitely something to pursue. If there was ever a time to rock, now is that time.
God is Great. Keep on rockin.
8 months off... AMEN!



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To that which went before: all the best. I am complete. To the one who lies ahead, probably far ahead, I'll do my best to grow up and to be worth while. To the One who makes it all make sense: Thanks. You are good... and tho "I am weak, You are strong. I know my pain won't be ignored... i have found the greatest cure is being weak in the Lord." (from a song by Sam Smith). God is good folks.

and I think I'm back. If there was ever a time to rock, now's the time to do it . So lets rock.
God gave rock and roll to ya!


why aren't His words teaching?

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So, today was the first choir trip that I've gotten to go on this year - like bus rides and all (I did get to go catch them in bancroft one time... and the company was rad too). Anyway, the easter conference was a little ridiculous to be honest. I wonder what paul would say if he saw the level of teaching we have in the church today. I think he might say "I'm going home, y'all are pathetic", and walk out. Or maybe "And I thought the Galatians were cause for worry" (which is the polite greek way of saying "dumb"). I dunno, i think beg to be spoonfed all the time instead of ever wanting a real challenge. I'm sorry, but it is not a challenge to people to tell them that they "need to get back to the gospel". It's not a challenge because there's no telling what that looks like, or what difference it would make. It leaves everyone with warm fuzzies, and we think: "look at how I spent my good friday. Yep, I'm doing pretty good." And then we go on living life the exact same way as we always did. Disugsting guys. Digusting. Sorry, I don't mean to vent, but i've gotta wonder: when are we ever going to move past being asinine into being applicable? Alright, i'm done.

asinine: adj., utterly stupid or silly: asinine behavior.
Of, relating to, or resembling an ass.