all i want is a place where I can hang out with my friends

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possibly one of the coolest albums ever as far as Christian Folk Rock goes... rockier than CC, and lyrically rad-iculous, too.

I commented today at lunch that durin allergy season I know what heroin addicts feel like: always living for their next fix. That's how I feel about my antihistamines. Mostly cause my eyes never get un-scratchy. And I want them too. Poor me. I guess I'll have to get a new tail. I coulda been eyeore. He's the man. Alright, I'm gone. Eyes closing uncontrolably.

coming soon... adventures of coffee ranger


in the time that it would take... i'll be another mile gone

now playing: not the land / caedmon's call

Yet another plea for the masses to start listening to caedmon. Caedmon rocks. Kinda like molson, only different, cause I've never experienced molson, whilest I have experienced caedmon. Yay Caedmon.
It was a good day at work today, I love having stuff to do all day. And I even enjoy having laid back evenings. Although, i am looking forward to a trip to the P-dilly-o this weekend. Mack in the house. Work is good, life is treating me well, and I really have little else to say, but wanted to say something. It is tragic when one speaks without having anything to say. So, I apologize, and bid you adieu.
go go power rangers


bookshelves and nephews

now playing: who am i? / casting crowns

Matt + Ruth = Married. Married = matt + ruth. Married / matt = ruth? Way to go guys, I'm proud of you. To the rest of you, the ceremony was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous. Heck, Matt even looked pretty good. Although, i have seen him look better... right matt? ;-) hehehe

Outside of that, it was a grand weekend. I got to see my nephews, who provide a consistent ego boost - they think I'm a superhero, and when I'm around them, sometimes I start to think that I might actually be one. On top of that, i bought a six foot hight, five shelf bookshelf. I like bookshelves. I can't wait to get it filled. YES! Anyway, that about covers it for me. Late nights, early mornings = no weekend. But its all good, the cause was worthy, and one of my boys is hitched.... *bom bom bom* and another one bites the dust.
space ranger mackay! Andrew


the times, my friend, they are a changin'.

now playing: all i know / caedmon's call... so smooth

Maybe I'm on my way to find you, or maybe I'm about to write the blog of my life. Man guys, life moves pretty fast. You gotta stop and look for it every once in a while, or you just might miss it. Ferris Bueller said that. And he wasn't dumb. Okay, that's debatable, either way, the validity of the statement stands.

So, tomorrow I drive to St. Kitts for Cookster's Wedding How exciting is that? I think everyone should listen to Caedmon's Call more, so that I can make more inside jokes. IE, wanting marriage like a hole in my head, needing it like a meal in bed. But, since none of you listen to CC, it sounds like desperation, instead of playing like a joke. Oh well.

So, I'm in the B-diggity, having moved away from my beloved Island home, and my crummy telecommunications job (it wasn't that bad, but the new job is better). It's kinda weird to leave your support system all behind. I do it far more frequently than I'd like. I think I shall try to avoid moving for a while. Although I suppose once every four or five years isn't that bad. Anyway, I am here, and here is where I live so I guess that means the carrot's gonna dangle, for at least another year. See, another CC reference. And you all sitting there going "WHAT?" Alright, i gotta go to bed. Cook and the Kitt, or bust. Keep on rockin' in the blog world (yep, yet another caedm... wait, no... neil young never did play with caedmon's call, did he? But, imagine if he did... aw yeah). G'night New York!