still workin' on it

Yeah, so... this could look tons better. i'm a little frustrated with the lack of time to go through and fix the coding involved with the appearance of the page... maybe there are easier ways to do this. It's not that I can't figure it out (i know basically what I want to do, and how to go about doing it); I'm basically too lazy to do it.

I was going to sign on here and pontificate about freedom and cars and angry music... but the andymack angry music latent effect is starting to set in: it makes me laugh at myself for ever putting this play list on. I'm too folky to listen to Rage, I think. (This does not imply a universal negative tho... just because the positive is true doesn't mean we can derive a universal negative from it... all who listen to rage does not = all who are not folky, or none all who are.) Anyway, i'm going to head to bed, dreaming of easier ways to set this stuff up.


just another blog

So I must confess... Wait, that's a bad start... don't start sentences with "so". Let me try again.

I must confess to being quite taken with the blog phenomena. Of late, i have had the chance to read quite a few different people's rants on life, justice, and cocoa puffs. And I thought to myself, "Self, you need a soap box, too." Realistically, this blog will mostly serve as a tool to get me writing. I don't expect more than six people to ever read it. But if you do, more power to you.
I imagine that if I ever get any good (as in: readable) at this, I'd like to expand it. Then we'd be talking playing with the tech side of it, and not using blogspot to host it. For now, this will be more than sufficient, serving my purposes to a T. Or a Q.
Why does the world hate q's, anyway? Makes no sense. We don't like it so much that it must always be accompanied by a u in order to make it palatable. I say, bring on the q's! On their own!
And that has been your random moment for the day. Keep on reading, and keep it real.