It's a great feeling

Hey guys, by way of update, the best feeling in the world is taking all your resumes off monster, hotjobs, and beyond.com. It just feels great. Yep, I'm employed. If you're ever in West Virginia and in need of a bank account, give me a call. More to come.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mackay,

Congratulations on being in the banking business with the bank that was West Virginia's bank before there was a West Virginia.

We also are "united" with the Mountaineers.

Do good work,
Father Jibarito

EMHOKE said...

woohoo! married AND employed!

Jer said...

I already told you this, but "CONGRATULATIONS"! :D

(Beats the pants off that Telus job you had back here, don't it?)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Great news! Now you can hack into the system and set your self for life (either will a long prison stay or a vacation home in the Bahamas).

- Josiah

Anonymous said...

My son the banker (proud sigh).
The HONEST banker, that is.